Become A Me&You2 Franchisee

Why Me&You2?

You are buying an established brand name that has a proven and successful business model.

You become part of a rapidly growing and recognizable restaurant chain.

Me&You2 franchisee's have the backing of our National Support Office which helps set-up your initial business, provides immediate plus ongoing training programs and offers professional marketing support.

The Me&You2 food and beverage menu is famous fro offering great food and drinks at very affordable prices.

The food supplied to all Me&You2 franchisee's is safe, freshly prepared nd made-to-order to each and every restaurant.

Me&You2 delivers all the necessary food and beverage requirements to every restaurant on a weekly basis

The recipe's have all been tested and are universally accepted as delicious.

The bulk buying power of the Me&You2 group means that every Me&You2 product is on-sold to our franchisee's at the best price possible.

Me&You2 food and beverage is popular with both locals and foreigners.

Me&You2 supplies all of the branded merchandise necessary to run a bar and pizza business i.e. crockery, cutlery, glasses, tableware, menu's, staff uniforms etc.