Sausage Band

by / Wednesday, 14 August 2013 / Published in Blog

Extremely high energy performance, a 6 piece live band,

Amao (keyboard)
Niko (guitar)
John Paul (synthesizer)
Michael (percussion)
Cherryl and Ahui frontline vocals

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7 Responses to “Sausage Band”

  1. you guys are so great~ thank u for the excellent show ~I’ll go to Xiamen just for u guys~AMao’s so cute~and Michale’s so funny~like u guys so much~

  2. Ahui is very lovely!He’s got a beautiful voice.Does he like Bruno Mars??

  3. Ahui is very cute!He sang my favourite song,young girls!I like ur band

  4. Great band guys, extremly musical every single one of you. THE voices
    but still like Cherryl tho most 🙂